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Edna Klein


Edna Klein, mother of 3 children and grandmother of 7, has had decades of experience serving the Lord through the local church as well as a para-church organization. Women's Aglow was very fruitful in bringing multitudes into the full gospel during the 70s. She is an experienced Bible teacher, has organized and led retreats as well as ministered overseas. Each year, starting in 2016, Edna and Pat Miller have ministered in Nakuru, Kenya to assist at a conferences and a crusades. Visits to the women's prison and residents of the city dump proved life-changing. Seeing thousands living in deep poverty brought a strong perspective to life in the US. 

     Meeting hopeless women who were imprisoned for prostitution since they had no legal marketable skills was heart-rending. Bishop Mike L. Brawan had been rescuing a few at a time, as he was able to pay their fine, and was equipping them to run their own shops. His vision was to erect a building where many women could be trained for a few months and then be set up in their own business enabling another group of women to enter the training program. Edna saw no reason why the funds for this project could not be raised in the US and this led to the birth of GroundbreakersNJ.


Lynn Lezcano

Social Media

Lynn's husband, Diego, wrote for both of them.


Javier Castro

Food  Event Coordinator

Both Javier and I have known Edna and Pat for the past six years. We met at Liquid Church Mountainside and we have been brought together, by God, not only in friendship, but in ministry as well. Javier has been cooking professionally for over 20 years. He has worked in many restaurant settings with the most recent being Huntley Tavern in Summit NJ. Prior to that, he worked for The Cheesecake Factory in Short Hills NJ. I do accounts payable for a property management company in NJ and enjoy Christian worship music as well as serving God on our church’s Prayer Team. Javier serves alongside me as well on the same team and has previously been in a volunteer staff roll as Volunteer Care Coordinator, serving over 100 volunteers lunch each Sunday.

Our hearts are for those who are in need. Whether they are spiritually hungry, physically hungry, or have any other lack in their lives. We know the true living God and echo the Bible verse 2 Peter 3:9 (TPT) “…because He does not want any to perish but all to come to repentance.” We pray that all will come to the saving knowledge of Christ, and being a part of GroundbreakersNJ, we see that happening! With Pastor Mike Brawan physically being in Nakuru Kenya, we here in the United States are helping to be the hands and feet of Christ for the women and children who desire a new life, who desire change, and who desire to be all He has created them to be. 


Maggie Castro

Event Coordinator

Maggie's husband, Javier, wrote for both of them.


Diego Lezcano

Vice President

Since the day of my salvation, I've been committed to knowing more of God's ways and have dedicated myself to understanding God's Kingdom. As a servant of the Most High, I've had the honor and pleasure to serve in different ministries. I have run a men's ministry group. Together with my wife, Lynn, we established a Divorce Care ministry at The Summit Church, where we also served as deacons and part of the leadership group. We have also been honored to serve Liquid Church as staff members and leaders of the spiritual care team. During our leadership time, we established the first prayer team at the Mountainside campus. We also ran the marriage Counseling Group at the Liquid Nutley campus. We now sit on the board of GroundbreakersNJ. My wife is the active treasurer and I am the vice president. We are two of the six original founders of GroundbreakersNJ and we are very excited for what God has in store for GroundbreakersNJ and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 


Patricia Miller


Patricia Miller was called to missions at the age of 11 and pursued that call with training both at Nyack Missionary College and Charis Bible College. Partnered for 35 years in ministry with her pastor husband, Pat was active in church planting, pastoring and leading worship in the U.S. as well as in The Philippines where she served for two years. After returning to the States Pat led a large children's ministry overseeing a staff of 200 and is currently on staff at her local church leading the prayer team. She was ordained in The Philippines and is currently licensed with Covenant Ministries International. Pat has two children, Sharon and Craig, and 4 grandchildren.

Following a visit to a Bible school in Kenya in 1994, Pat again felt the call to missions and recognized that she would be returning to Africa. That opportunity was presented in 2016 to join a team traveling to Nakuru, Kenya to support an open air crusade, pastors' conference and visit the women's prison. This experience was life-changing as many were healed. Pat again found her heart challenged to fulfill her destiny in overseas ministry. GroundbreakersNJ is providing a much-needed avenue for funds to be raised to rescue hopeless women and children from the streets of Nakuru and beyond. It is an amazing privilege to continue personal ministry in multiple countries in Africa ministering with Evangelist Dale Everett. Pat is currently serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors for GroundbreakersNJ.


Allison Borkowski


My name is Allison Borkowski. I have been married for 22 years and have a 15 year old son and a 31 year old step-son that got married October 2019.  We also have 2 dogs, 4 parakeets.  My mother is one of the founders of GB and I got the opportunity to go to Kenya with her the Summer of 2019.  It left an imprint on my heart forever and now I share my mother’s passion for wanting to help and be part of change.  I myself used to say “there are people in America that could use help first”.  Although I am sure this is true, you can’t understand the level of poverty until you see children living in a city dump, clothed in rags and mismatched shoes, if they are fortunate enough to even have shoes.  They literally are living off the garbage food, unless Pastor Mike brings them food which consists of cabbage and beans.  It is heartbreaking.  

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