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GroundbreakersNJ: Restoration and Growth

Our Mission

Edna Klein, President

Welcome to Groundbreakers NJ where our focus is giving hope to the hopeless. 


Our vision is:

  • to rescue women from the sex trade and poverty

  • to equip women to learn a trade or open a shop and become self-supporting

  • to deliver street children from an orphan mentality by providing an opportunity for education and a nurturing family.

We are partnering with established and proven ministries to provide financial assistance to these in East Africa.   


In Matthew 25: 44-45, Jesus shares his heart and love for the poor. As we focus on those in need we focus on Him.

Join us as we partner with organizations rescuing women and children from a life of poverty!

What's Happening Now

A spontaneous expansion of the Daughters of Destiny (DoD) has been taking place especially in Kenya and reaching into Uganda. It is impossible to know exactly what is happening because those who are freed from prostitution are so thankful that they share the plan with others that we know nothing about. It's as if it were contagious.

There are 47 counties in Kenya. The DoD program was established in Nakuru County. Established in 2018 more than 10,000 women have been freed from the bondage of prostitution. They are now raising their children, running their business and are part of the community. They cannot help but tell others who are where they used to be about this new life and then they help them achieve it. In the process DoD programs in 40 counties in Kenya and in a large church in Uganda are changing lives.

At the same time a school has been purchased in Nakuru. Children who have been abandoned due to their mother's imprisonment as well as those who have been growing up in the city dump require help in order to integrate into the public educational system. Kenyan children tend to be easygoing but the streets and the dump can produce antisocial behavior.

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