GroundbreakersNJ: Restoration and Growth

Our Mission

Edna Klein, President

Welcome to Groundbreakers NJ where our focus is giving hope to the hopeless. 


Our vision is:

  • to rescue women from the sex trade and poverty

  •  to equip women to learn a trade or open a shop and become self-supporting

  • to deliver street children from an orphan mentality by providing an opportunity for education and a nurturing family.

We are partnering with established and proven ministries to provide financial assistance to these in East Africa.   


In Matthew 25: 44-45, Jesus shares his heart and love for the poor. As we focus on those in need we focus on Him.

Join us as we partner with organizations rescuing women and children from a life of poverty!

What's Happening Now

       Pastor Mike Brawan went to Uganda to speak during the second week of March. 18 churches joined in and 4422 people received Jesus. Of those 922 were filled with the Holy Spirit. He also shared the work of the DoD (Daughters of Destiny) and they did an outreach in the prostitution district. 44 girls responded; the oldest was 16.

     The host church has an apartment building that had recently been vacated so it is now housing the new DoD girls. Two of the trained workers from Nakuru are being sent to run the program for a week and train those who will be doing the DoD training in Uganda.

      This is a huge breakthrough and is expanding the ministry in a big way. Some of these girls need to go to school; some will be starting their own business and need to understand business principles. We do not have a rigid program but a flexible one that allows each girl to follow God's plan for them. Those who open a business will be receiving $150 each upon graduation.

      More than 70 pastors have received training from Pastor Mike for their ministry and some will oversee the DoD graduates so they have a support system.

      Your ongoing support is setting captives free. Thank you so much. My heart overflows with gratitude.